Customer Testimonials

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Savings on Travel

"I was blown away by this service. I'm very excited that she saved me money as I thought it was going to be really expensive to fix my travel as it was booked for the wrong city, by my arranger. I am very happy with the service Sherry provided."

Going Above & Beyond

"Voncile went beyond expectations. Actually, called the hotel to confirm changes then called me to confirm that I hadn’t accidentally booked 2 rooms under the same name!"

Special Moments

"I made it! On the plane now. Very short layover but I made it. Thanks for your help in getting me home! It is my granddaughter's birthday, and I was afraid that I was going to miss singing Happy Birthday to her."

Worry-Free Travel

"Sherry helped me with a delay and contacted the airline gate to see what could be done to get the new flight confirmed for me. They held the plane at the gate, and I made my flight. I’d hug her if I could! "

Keeping Loved Ones Safe

"I had a chance to book my mom's ticket using the Onriva platform, and later realized I forgot to add wheelchair assistance. I contacted support and Nancy was an absolute delight to work with. She took charge and got all my requests resolved in such a short time, that was PHENOMENAL"

Help With the Unexpected

"I immediately called Onriva to help with finding alternative travel options to get me home prior to the storm that was scheduled to hit. Rodney was AMAZING. He was very helpful and creative to find me the different options to get back to the east coast."

We believe every trip has the potential to change our lives, in big ways and small. Sometimes we just have to be there.

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